OSH and FP

Complete services, customized for each individual company

OSH : Occupational health and safety
ES: Emergency situations

Compulsory services , in accordance with Law 319/2006, Law 307/2006 and Law 481/2004.

OSH / Labor Protection and ES/ FP

(Health and Safety at Work and Emergency Situations / Fire Prevention)

Who NEEDS OSH and FP services?


Any new company with at least 1 employee must have OSH and FP services implemented according to legislation. *


Any company that already has OSH and FP services implemented through its own employees, and they need external support.


Any company that has an OSH and FP service provider, but no longer trusts and is not satisfied with the collaboration.

Check the existence of your OSH and SU documents through this Checklist and request a FREE audit.


Any company that has received at least one fine from ITM and/or ISU and wants ZERO FINES in the future.

What are the BENEFITS of OSH and FP services customized and implemented by RSGE?


1. Upon signing the Contract
(within the first 14 days)

Your company receives the OSH and FP documentation correctly implemented.

  • Completing the OSH and FP Checklist with the necessary documentation.

  • Collection of personalized information

  • Preparation of documentation.

Your OH&S / ES premises, equipment and documents are checked quarterly.

  • Completing individual Forms.

  • Training at the company headquarters.

  • Workshop online or at the company headquarters.

  • Practical demonstrations at the company headquarters.


2. For the duration of the Contract

Your employees benefit from regular training.

  • Completing individual Forms

  • Training at the company headquarters

  • Workshop online or at the company headquarters

  • Practical demonstrations at the company headquarters

Your premises, equipment and OSH documents are checked quarterly.

  • Preparation of the control note containing:

    • Irregularities found
    • The proposed measures
  • Implementation of the proposed measures

When the company will have a control, it will NOT receive a fine .

  • Representation at ITM Control
    *If you will still be fined, WE PAY THE FINE.

24/7 support and consultation for OSH emergencies.

  • 24/7 support and consultation for OSH/ES emergencies.

What are the STAGES of a collaboration with ZERO FINES?

If you have NOT had OSH services before

Step 1

We sign the OSH and FP service contract.

Step 2

We prepare the Documentation and Training Sheets .

Step 3

We hand over the Documentation and Training Sheets .

Step 4

We carry out Periodic Training and Internal Audit.

Step 5

We provide 24/7 support + Audit Assistance when needed.

If you already have OSH/ES services

Step 1

We sign the OSH and FP services contract.

Step 2

We carry out the AUDIT of the documentation and the OSH and FP equipment.

Step 3

We prepare the Documentation and Training Sheets where applicable, according to the Audit carried out.

Step 4

We hand over the Documentation and Training Sheets.

Step 5

We carry out  Periodic Training and Internal Audit

Step 6

We provide 24/7 support + Audit Assistance when needed.

12 advantages why work with the RSGE expert team?

  • We get to you  quickly  because we have national coverage and we travel anywhere.

  • You receive  free online training  or at the company headquarters.

  • You have the documentation ready in record time.
    In emergency mode it is possible in just   24 hours .

  • Don’t waste time  in dealing with us because we are super digitized.

  • Do you have control from ITM or ISU? We get  to the meeting in the shortest possible time!

  • You are guaranteed by contract  ZERO FINES .
    Don’t forget, fines can reach up to 100,000 lei!

  • You get  24/7 Support  for emergency situations.

  • You are assured  that you have correctly drawn up all the documents, as well as the correct equipment of your premises.

  • You are assured that  you will always have updated services  according to the legislation in force.

  • You have well-trained employees who know the law.

  • You always have access to a team of experts with  over 10 years of experience  in the field.

  • You benefit from  personalized services  because we are flexible according to your needs.

What our partners say

“We have been collaborating with the RSGE team for more than 10 years. Because they are so well trained, they save us time with explanations and quickly provide us with customized solutions.”

Irina Ceontea
Site Manager

I’ve arrived in the future! A very digitized company! I have access to a dashboard where I can see the current situation, and the online training is useful.”

Nicoleta Nae
Director Financiar

“I have had 5 checks so far and no fines. For me this means that I have found a good service provider.”

Catalin Paduraru
Manager Bike Geek

We guarantee by contract ZERO FINES!

We offer personalized services according to the needs of your company and we have 100% confidence in the RSGE team of experts.

Fill out the form and we will contact you during the program in a maximum of 23 minutes !