Mission, vision, values

It’s time to get to know each other. Understand exactly why RSGE is the most suitable solution for your needs. For questions, do not hesitate to contact us (via the form or by phone 0752.634.700).


RSGE (Reliable Solutions Group) is a company with Romanian capital that has set out since its foundation to do things differently. Otherwise, i.e. better, more structured, for the benefit of customers.


We are what we protect, what we defend!


  1. Promptness – we respond to you within a maximum of two hours after sending the offer
  2. Flexibility – we move whenever, whenever you need
  3. Trust – you will only work with accredited specialists in their fields
  4. Undertaking – we stipulate in the contract that we will pay your possible fine
  5. Experience – we offer full consulting in relation to the state authorities

RSGE represents the group of companies

which includes the administrative services that a company needs – all in one place. More efficient for you and with a team specialized in OSH and SU, Environment, HR and Accounts, Risk Analysis and Specialized Courses, because the safety of the company and the protection of people have been our goal since 2011.

We are your reliable partner for labor protection services at the national level and we come to your aid with integrated service packages, both for startups and for long-standing companies or companies with a high level of staff turnover.


customers who extended the contract with us after the first year


trained employees


of controls that I participated in during the 12 years


of work accidents if we refer to the 12 years

Why call now on RSGE Expertise:

  • You get complete services , without half measures and without hidden costs
  • We move quickly , wherever, whenever you need
  • Our services include emergency support or monitoring to keep you and your business safe at all times