First Aid course

offline at your company headquarters or online

For companies that strongly UNDERSTAND how much employee safety MATTERS!
For companies that strongly believe how employee safety MATTERS!

Who NEEDS First Aid Courses?


Any long-standing company, with at least 1 employee , is obliged to have staff trained in providing First Aid.


Any long-standing company with at least 1 employee is required to have personnel trained in providing First Aid.


Any company that has received at least one fine from ITM and wants ZERO FINES in the future.

 Cursurile de Prim-Ajutor
 Cursurile de Prim-Ajutor

Any company that CARES about employee safety and beyond documentation really wants a professionally conducted First Aid training.

First Aid Course Specifications

  • First aid courses can be held at the client’s premises or online.

  • The duration of a first aid course is established by mutual agreement with the beneficiary, depending on the number of participants and the unit’s field of activity.

  • The First Aid course is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part .

  • In the first part of the course, the theory part is discussed based on a presentation, and in the second part of the course, each participant performs the intervention and resuscitation maneuvers with the help of the Dummy doll.

  • According to the legislation in force, it is mandatory that the training of employees on providing first aid is done annually.

  • Upon completion of the First Aid course, each participant receives a Diploma of participation and completion of the First Aid Course.

Anyone who completes the course will know what to do in the following situations:

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Cardio-respiratory arrest

  • bleeding

  • Plagiarize

  • Hypothermia

  • Hyperthermia

  • Dislocations, sprains, fractures

  • Drowning

  • Intoxication

  • Burns

  • Electrocution

12 advantages why work with the RSGE expert team?

  • We get to you  quickly  because we have national coverage and we travel anywhere.

  • You receive  free online training  or at the company headquarters.

  • You have the documentation ready in record time.
    In emergency mode it is possible in just   24 hours .

  • Don’t waste time  in dealing with us because we are super digitized.

  • Do you have control from ITM or ISU? We get  to the meeting in the shortest possible time!

  • You are guaranteed by contract  ZERO FINES .
    Don’t forget, fines can reach up to 20,000 lei!

  • You get  24/7 Support  for emergency situations.

  • You are assured  that you have correctly drawn up all the documents, as well as the correct equipment of your headquarters.

  • You are assured that  you will always have updated services  according to the legislation in force.

  • You have well-trained employees who know the law .

  • You always have access to a team of experts with  over 10 years of experience  in the field

  • You benefit from  personalized services  because we are flexible according to your needs.

What our partners say

‘The First Aid training was very useful and interesting for all of us. What presented a lot of interest to the colleagues was the practical part, the technique of correctly performing a resuscitation, and, of course, in general, everything that involves giving first aid. Thank you.”

Alina MATEI,
Group Allio Romania SRL

‘Our field of activity obliges us legally, but especially morally, to have our employees very well trained in case a safety problem arises. That’s why we regularly organize these courses to carry out our activity quietly’

Savini Due SRL

“Being at the beginning of my journey in entrepreneurship, I didn’t know that having an employee is enough to be obliged to know what it means to give first aid… The RSGE team gave me all the necessary details to be in step with the law.”

Paragon Romania SRL

We guarantee by contract ZERO FINES!

We guarantee by contract ZERO FINES! We offer personalized services according to the needs of your company and we have 100% confidence in the RSGE team of experts.

Fill out the form and we will contact you during the program in a maximum of 23 minutes !