Physical Security Risk Analysis

Complete services for Physical Security Risk Analysis (ARSF) in accordance with Law 333/2003.

Experience has brought us to the point of anticipating our customers’ needs. We have continuously developed ourselves as specialists and adapted the offer according to market requirements. Below you will find RSGE services for Physical Security Risk Analysis . For questions, do not hesitate to contact us .

Why is this service important?

Every company that owns a space in which it operates has an obligation, by law, to carry out a physical security risk analysis.

The physical security risk analysis involves the identification and implementation of the security measures for assets and values ​​provided by the legislation in force. RSGE specialists will perform the physical security risk analysis and establish the security measures to be implemented against burglary.

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Physical Security Risk Analysis

We take care of the responsibility of:

  • Physical security risk assessment and treatment report

  • The evaluation grid specific to the evaluation object

You need a Physical Security Risk Analysis if you find yourself in at least one of the situations below:

  • You are in the categories of eligible economic agents, according to Law 333/2003, ch. I, art. 2, paragraph (1).

  • You have a security plan and a project of the technical security system, and for their approval by the MI structures, it is necessary that the risk analysis be submitted to the file.

  • You’re trying to understand what your business’s security vulnerabilities are

  • Your business is often exposed to crime


The RSGE team has expertise in various fields of activity:

Retail | Hospitality IndustryConstructionPharm | Services | Production | Transportation | IT | Corporations


The RSGE team has expertise in various fields of activity since 2017. Keep calm! We represent you in the relationship with the County Police Inspectorate.


Fines for non-compliance with PM legislation can cumulatively reach over 100,000 lei. None of RSGE’s clients have paid a fine so far!