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Know that it can also be simple for you. Above all, we help you understand. Then, we act according to the rules in force. We do this for all the services below.

Analiză de Risc la Securitatea Fizică

Physical Security Risk Analysis

#Identification of security measures to be implemented

 Comercializare de echipamente SSM și PSI

Sales of equipment
(OSH and PSI)

We help to identify #The Equipment you need and that you can purchase directly from us

Coordonare SSM pe șantier

Coordination work site

We ensure that all your colleagues are trained in all # OSH Regulations and prepare the necessary documents, according to the legislation

Cursuri de Prim-Ajutor

First aid courses

We run courses either at  #Customer or at our office | At the end, learners will receive a #Graduation Certificate

PRAM Measurements

#We train employees about the dangers of electrocution | We perform the #Check PRAM procedures

Occupational Medicine

#Skill sheet | Medical examination at # Employment | #Regular medical examination


Environment Protection

#Waste Management Register | Submission of declarations for # Packaging
| Obtaining Environmental Clearances

 Resurse Umane HR

Human Resources

# Salary | Administration of #Personnel | #REVISAL services


# Verification and # Authorization of personnel and work equipment


SSM  and
Emergency Situations

# Online and Offline Training | Representation at # Control | # Documentation

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  • Our services include emergency support or monitoring to keep you and your business safe at all times