Environment protection

Complete services for Environmental Protection and Waste Management, in accordance with HG 856/2002

Experience has brought us to the point of anticipating our customers’ needs. We have continuously developed ourselves as specialists and adapted the offer according to market requirements. Below you will find RSGE services for Environmental Protection . For questions, do not hesitate to contact us .

We take care of the responsibility of:

  • identifying the needs for your company’s compliance with environmental legal provisions

  • assistance in identifying waste generated according to the waste code (HG 856/2002)

  • maintaining monthly waste management records

  • drawing up and sending monthly / annual reports to the competent environmental protection authority

  • reporting in SIM (the Integrated Environmental System electronic application)

  • consultancy for drawing up waste transport forms

  • ensuring the permanent relationship with the environmental protection authorities

  • the monthly preparation of the Declaration regarding the obligations for the Environmental Fund

Permits, reports and approvals we can help you obtain:

  • Environment authorization

  • Environmental Agreement

  • Accept waste water discharge

Why call now on RSGE Expertise:

  • You get complete services , without half measures and without hidden costs
  • We move quickly , wherever, whenever you need
  • Our services include emergency support or monitoring to keep you and your business safe at all times


The RSGE team has relevant expertise in environmental issues thanks to the training of our specialists. I have always thought and acted as a representative of the client in the relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Fund Administration and the Environmental Guard, not just as a simple consultant.


Fines for non-compliance with PM legislation can cumulatively reach over 100,000 lei. None of RSGE’s clients have paid a fine so far!