OSH coordination on the construction site

Complete services for OSH Coordination on construction site in accordance with HG 300/2006 , which specifies the nature of construction or civil engineering works falling under the scope of a temporary or mobile site

Experience has brought us to the point of anticipating our customers’ needs. We have continuously developed ourselves as specialists and adapted the offer according to market requirements. Below you will find the RSGE services for Construction Site Coordination . For questions, do not hesitate to contact us .

We take care of:

  • drawing up the safety and health plan from the design phase and then into the execution phase

  • coordinating the implementation of all mandatory measures and the health and safety plan

  • the application of general principles of prevention and security on the site

  • adapting the safety and health plan according to the progress of the works and the file of subsequent interventions

  • implementation and coordination of OSH instructions

  • establishing, together with the beneficiary, the means of collective protection, the machinery and access to the construction site

  • the application of the necessary measures for access to the construction site only by authorized persons

  • drawing up the Coordination Register

  • contruction site visits to make sure things are going well


The RSGE team has expertise in various fields of activity since 2011. Keep calm! We represent you in the relationship with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate.

Why call now on RSGE Expertise:

Fines for non-compliance with construction legislation can cumulatively reach over 80,000 lei and even a criminal case . None of RSGE’s clients have paid a fine so far!